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-Nanuk Cases-  Manugactured in Canada and lifetime guarantee, Nanuk is the evolution of traditional protective cases. Many features that are optional on other cases are standard on Nanuk. By integrating attachment features into the case at the design stage, you can easily add a shoulder strap or a panel kit without modifying the case with holes or additional hardware. Nanuk cases were built with performance and expandability in mind.

- Waterproof Nanuk Cases - Nanuk has been engineered to ensure that your equipment stay dry and functional regardless of the weather conditions. The waterproof seal in all Nanuk Cases is custom designed to fit in our cases and Nanuk is intregated auto-pressure valve equalizes the atmospheric pressure difference.

- Nanuk Cases for video equipment - We have a wide variety of models of cases for video and photography equipment, suitable for professional or amateur. On our website you can find Nanuk cases for TV and video equipment and cameras boxes. We manufacture custom foam and any type of containers. Nanuk Cases offers all kind of internal (foam liner, padded dividers, cubed foam, waterproof panel kit) and shoulder strap and TSA Padlocks. These accesories are available for all Nanuk Cases sizes.

- Resistant cases - Nanuk was designed with one objetive in mind: survival . With rounded corners, thick wall construction ond oversized details, Nanuk Cases are built to absorb the shocks without damaging the case or more importantly your contents.

- Nanuk Cases for... -  In ACR Cases supply:

- NanuK Cases for military uses

- Nanuk Cases with certifications

- Nanuk Cases for medical applications

- Nanuk Cases for arms

- Nanuk Cases for sanitary equipment

- Nanuk Cases for video equipment

-Nanuk Cases for electronical applications

- Nanuk Cases with cubed foam and padded dividers

- Nanuk Cases with customized foam

- Nanuk Cases in 4 colors

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